Online Casino Affiliate Companies

Affiliate companies are a win-win situation for both the casino operator and the company. The way the affiliate companies operate is actually rather simple than what most people think. The casino receives traffic, whilst the affiliate company provides the service for that traffic and gets paid in the end.

The affiliate company provides links on third-party websites that when clicked bring revenue and data analytics for researchers to analyze. Data can include time spent on the website, how much the customers interact with the website and various other information that is provided by the user’s cookies. Cookies however have different lifespans. The average is 30. There are also lifetimes cookies deals, but those are made between the casino operator and the affiliate company. Choosing the right deal and the right company will bring out the best of your operator.

It is always a great starting point to invest in a company that has proven itself and values cooperation. Considering the investment in an affiliate company should be a top priority for any casino operator. Below you will find the two top affiliate companies that provide casino cooperation and various other services. However, as always research and opinions are your best bet when it comes to any affiliate company. Look at their background history and completed projects to determine whether they have had success or not.


Online Gambling Media Ltd.

Online Gambling Media Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the world without a doubt. Their services are massive and investing in them can bring out the best of any operator. First of all, their services include data analytics, which tells casino operators how much time users and customers spend on their website. This can be useful for operators as they can look at which aspects of their website keep customers in and improve them. Secondly, the company also has the responsibility to bring key brand exposure and SEO service that will integrate the casino within the market flow. They also have a competitive analysis system, which puts your casino in perspective to others and shows you statistics of how you rank up.


Gamblingfy has one of the widest reaches on the internet. They are slowly growing and integrating SEO services globally. Their team is fast and responsible and often deals with customers and problems very quickly. Their approach to online integration has made them one of the most preferred affiliate companies on the market. They are best known for their ability to integrate operators within the organic flow of the industry and bring users that will not leave immediately. They are great for providing brand exposure to newcomers. To go along with all of that, they are also packed with a competitive analysis report that lets you know how well you are doing in comparison to your competitors. Consider Gamblingfy as one of your top choices when it comes to affiliate programs.

Conclusion on the Affiliate Companies

Overall, there are many companies on the market, however, we suggest you check out Online Gambling Media Ltd. and Gamblingfy. They have solidified themselves as forces in the affiliate sector and can bring out the best of your experience, whilst attracting organic customers and flow.

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