License Jurisdictions Around the World

Although the casino market is a widely accept community, there are no one overlapping license jurisdictions that regulate all of the casinos. Most states have their own local laws that deal with and regulate casinos. This means that the rules that apply to you are strictly correspondent to the country you live in. This makes things complicated as some countries often make regulation changes.

At the Gambling Guide Book we are inspired to keep you up to date with the latest industry changes and jurisdiction updates. Additionally, we provide the latest online gambling updates and licensing authorities that support online gambling. If you call yourself a gambling enthusiast, then learning this information can be very helpful to you. Being familiar with the way licensing jurisdictions and casinos correlate must be key knowledge for every gambler.


What are License Jurisdictions?

In some countries of the world, specific litigations changes give countries the ability to monitor and overlook sites that provide gambling services to the industry. Such countries or regions can be referred to as the licensing jurisdictions. Such jurisdictions are bodies that have the authority to oversee the activity of online casinos and any other types of gambling-providing services. In most cases within these legislative bodies, there is an organizational body that is responsible for issuing out and regulating the issued licenses. For an online gambling site to operate legally, it must have the appropriate license that corresponds with its services. However, there are cases where casinos base their location entirely on the jurisdiction that is provided by the respective country.

How do licensing and legislation affect the average visitor?

Most online gambling legislation operations are directly correlated related to the websites and casinos that provide sports betting, gaming, and slot services on the internet. Usually, in the 21st century, most such gambling services are widely accepted by countries around the world and there are very few cases where countries have deemed such services illegal. Despite that, it is a good starting point to get to know the industry and the relevant legislation operations that are executed in your country. Although unusual, there have been cases where people break the know unintentionally, simply by know being familiar with the respective legislations. Jurisdictions differ in their strict measurements, meaning that not all casino operators are under the same rules of regulations. Before proceeding to play in a certain casino it is a good rule of thumb to be aware of the operator and the legislation it is under. Moreover, there can be advantages when websites that are under stricter regulation operations – a more legal and safe environment will be provided for you.


Overall, the effects that jurisdictions have on casinos can widely differ on the operator, the legislative body, and the country that is imposing the regulations. In some countries, there are lighter regulations, which often leads to many casinos addressing their location to that respective country. On the other hand, by playing in a heavily regulated casino you can be ensured that you will not face any legal problems and your environment will be secure. It is highly advised for each individual gambling enthusiast to do his own research for the casino and country he plans to play in.

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