US Gambling Governing Bodies

The casino market has become one of the most saturated markets in the United States. With its online features and technological implementations, the casinos have attracted a massive player base from the US. It slowly began at the the end of 20 century as more states of Las Vegas, Nevada, started to open more casinos. In the 21st century, the casino industry has become an industry on its own. Now, let’s find out more about the US gambling governing bodies.

In the United States, casinos are not locally controlled, meaning that it is not the state that imposes the licenses and regulations. There are regulatory and governing bodies out of them that oversee activities for the entire country. Additionally, in the US several companies exist with the main mission to make sure that casinos are legitimate and trustworthy. Many players are not aware of this, but to the regular players, this is great nice, since most players think of casinos as a scam. The casino industry has become safer than ever. In addition to that, the number of regulatory bodies increases yearly, meaning that fraudulent casinos are less likely to exist.


US Gambling Governing Bodies

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is arguably the most popular regulatory body in the United States. It has set the tone for other companies to follow in terms of execution and procedures. The Gaming Commission has been overseeing the industry since the beginning of the 21st century. Based out of Quebec, Canada, this licensing body has monitored some of the top operators in the industry. All casinos love Kahnawake because of its low licensing fees. It is great for new and upcoming casinos that look to make a name for themselves in the industry. Kahnawake offers great rates and is preferred by a big proportion of the industry. Kahnawake is not going anywhere, in fact, its presence is most likely to grow in the upcoming years.

Nevada Gaming Control Board

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is one of the oldest regulatory bodies in the United States. It was founded in the mid-1950s with the main purpose of overseeing and monitoring the growing casino industry in Las Vegas. It has continued to hold its role as the main licensing body in Nevada, but now it oversees newly formed casinos as well. It is trusted by many because of its long years of service in the United States casino industry.

New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

Much like the Nevada Control Board, the New Jersey Enforcement has its intrastate network of online casino operators. It is tasked with overseeing new casinos and has gained the reputation of one of the most cooperative licensing brands. They are leading the way with their intrastate network of monitoring and cooperate with other operators and regulatory bodies to make sure that the players are in a safe and secure environment.


What is their job?

Essentially, the US gambling governing bodies exist to keep an eye out on the casino industry and the operators. Not only are they making sure that players are receiving their money, but they also manage the legal and financial side of the casino community. A license by the regulatory bodies would mean that the casino is held to a certain high level of standard.

Additionally, if there is a dispute between a player and the casino, the regulatory bodies are there for the players. They act as a medium and they ensure that money, transfers, and deposits are all done in the correct procedures. In turn, the licensing bodies and regulators hold the casino accountable for any legal issues that it has carried.

Nowadays you will rarely find an online casino that lacks the proper licensing from the regulatory body. Their stamp of approval acts as a gate to the world of the professional and legitimate casino. These bodies are there to keep casinos from doing poor business practices and lure or scam players. Having a license is key in today’s saturated casino world. Not only does it ensure the legitimacy of your casino, but that in turn can attract a larger player base that will feel safer and more secure.

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